Chosen Payments Brings Expertise To Credit Card Processing

Tim Crowley
Posted on October 12, 2015
Chosen Payments CEO Jeff Brodsly (R) visits with client, Royal Coachman CEO Jon Epstein (L). Brodsly makes personal visits to his limo clients throughout the year.

Chosen Payments CEO Jeff Brodsly (R) visits with client, Royal Coachman CEO Jon Epstein (L). Brodsly makes personal visits to his limo clients throughout the year.

Chosen Payments CEO Jeff Brodsly (R) visits with client, Royal Coachman CEO Jon Epstein (L). Brodsly makes personal visits to his limo clients throughout the year.

Chosen Payments CEO Jeff Brodsly (R) visits with client, Royal Coachman CEO Jon Epstein (L). Brodsly makes personal visits to his limo clients throughout the year.

Chosen Payments has emerged in the last few years as a well-known credit card processor in chauffeured transportation, and earned a growing clientele of satisfied operators who use it as their preferred merchant service. The company succeeds through strong relationships with clients, CEO and founder Jeff Brodsly says.

“Not only do we save [operators] money, but we also give them a relationship and become an information hub. We make [our clients] feel comfortable with coming to us for questions, and they know they’re going to get answers right away.”

Niche-Specific Education

Brodsly assigns a team of specialists for each industry Chosen Payments serves. The teams educate themselves on the needs of clients, and quickly become experts and consultants on matters beyond the mechanics of credit card processing.

That approach has defined Chosen Payments since Brodsly started it in 2008. Already experienced in merchant processing, he took an entrepreneurial leap servicing the jewelry and hospitality industries. Relying on a commitment to customer service and knowing niche markets, Chosen Payments saw success early on. As business grew, Brodsly sought other markets to develop, and in 2012 entered the limousine industry.

“We took a huge leap and embedded ourselves in the limo associations and went out and visited operators and industry software vendors, and formed relationships with all of them,” Brodsly says. “It was me and my team at the high-level who educated ourselves on all different facets of the limo business.” Clients call Chosen frequently with a variety of questions about fraud protection, chargebacks, and PCI compliance.

“The most common questions are related to fraud and also the different management softwares,” says Brodsly, who has tech support specialists well-versed in the many different providers such as Santa Cruz, Deem, Limo Anywhere, FASTTRAK, and Livery Coach. “We are intertwined with all of the major software companies and we work collectively as a team to help operators.”

Bottom Line Differences

The inside knowledge on how limo operations work has given Brodsly three distinct ways of delivering real money savings and dollar-value to his clients:

1) Chosen Program versus existing merchant service plan audit: When a new operator inquires about using Chosen, they are given an audit of their existing processing program, and shown how they can save by using Chosen Payments’ custom program.

“We give them a very competitive analysis of their current fees and do a side-by-side comparison. We show them their current fees, and then show them what they would be using the Chosen platform.”

The flexibility to create custom money-saving programs for a variety of operators stems from Brodsly’s years of experience in the merchant processing industry, and an understanding of the various credit card types typically used in limo transactions. “It comes down to money. We create custom programs that allow operators to get lower rates. If they follow our instructions, we can save them thousands of dollars a year.”

2) Chosen Payments as partners for RFP bids: Operators who have entered into the bidding process for large RFPs have called upon Brodsly and the Chosen Team’s collective knowledge as credit card processing experts that provide secure, PCI compliant merchant processing. Maurice Brewster of Mosaic Transportation in San Francisco had Brodsly speak to an RFP judging committee about how to ensure all credit card data will be stored securely during the contract. “They have a true partner,” says Brodsly of the relationship. “I educate my potential clients on how you secure the data, and I have been pulled in on conference calls to talk to the heads of the tech and data security people for these RFPs and explain to them what we can do.”

3) Consulting and training on loyalty and reward programs: Chosen Payments also consults with clients, (one of which is GEM Limousine in New Jersey), on using gift and loyalty programs to grow business. “We’ll train and teach operators on how to incentivize their clientele with loyalty programs to gain more business,” Brodsly says. “I go to site visits with operators when I’m traveling and look at how they’re accepting credit card payments from start to finish. From me just sitting there, and with my experience having done this so many times before, I can now make immediate recommendations to companies to help them save money on their credit card processing, and it can add up to tens of thousands of dollars a year.”

Chosen Payments
Founded: 2008
Owner/CEO: Jeff Brodsly
Service: Credit card merchant processing
Employees: 113 (including I/O sales associates)
Location: Moorpark, Calif.
Contact: (855) 4-CHOSEN

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