The Savings Guide To Limo Fleet Fuel Cards

Michael Campos
Posted on December 16, 2011

Fuel is expensive, volatile, and one of the most important pieces of the limousine industry cost puzzle. Until technology advances to the point of providing viable alternative vehicle solutions for the entire industry, operators will continue to depend on the remains of fossils to make the wheels go ‘round.

While pump price is mostly out of our hands, operators can still control fuel purchases through the use of fleet fuel cards. These programs offer benefits such as comprehensive reporting, security, expense monitoring, and other incentives such as discounts and cash-back rewards in some cases. Operators should choose a card that matches well with their business needs.

Wright Express
Wright Express Universal Fleet Card
South Portland, Maine
(800) 395-0812

  • Prevent fraud by monitoring reports on all fuel card transactions.
  • Integrated with GPS Insight to consolidate management of fuel card transaction data and fleet activity.
  • Identify non-fuel purchases and flagged activity where a specific vehicle was not present for the associated purchase transaction.
  • Transaction report displays color-coded location verification: green = verified, red = potential fraud
  • Fuel Price Mapping, powered by Google Maps, locates lowest priced fuel in a specific region and pinpoints fuel stations by street, city, state, ZIP code or fuel type.
  • Calculate mpg data.
  • Set card spending limits.
  • Reward points for every transaction.
  • Discounts on maintenance.
  • Access employee background screening services and reports at discounted costs.
  • Accepted at more than 180,000 fueling sites in U.S., including 54,000 diesel fuel locations, and 45,000 vehicle maintenance locations for services such as oil changes, car washes, transmission and brakes service, glass replacement and more; also accepted at Esso, Canada’s largest network of service stations.
  • Card replacement within 24 hours.

Murphy USA
Murphy USA Wright Express Universal Fleet Card
El Dorado, Ark.
(870) 862-6411

  • Save up to three cents at Murphy USA and Murphy Express locations.
  • Detailed reporting to monitor purchases.
  • Tax exemption and reporting for qualified fleets.
  • Security feature: driver ID required for purchase.
  • Real-time cancellation of cards and driver IDs.
  • Odometer reading required at purchase.
  • Online purchase control tools.
  • 24/7 toll free customer service and online account access.
  • Accepted at more than 1,100 Murphy USA locations and 90% of U.S. retail fuel locations.
  • Managed by Wright Express.

Fuelman Advantage Fleet Card
Atlanta, Georgia
(800) 383-5626

  • Restrict card purchasing based upon purchase needs: fuel only, fuel/maintenance only, fuel/maintenance/supplies or open.
  • Customize purchase limits by gallon amount, type of fuel, or time and date of transactions.
  • Control fraud with real-time email alerts and online access to purchase activity.
  • Monitor activity with instant access to transactions as they happen.
  • Earn valuable volume rebates based on overall fuel purchases.
  • Pay for purchases only — no set-up fees, transaction fees, card fees or annual fees.
  • Keep vehicles on the road with the optional roadside assistance program.
  • Save time with convenient, real-time online account management, e-billing and e-payment.
  • Receive one report detailing transactions by driver, vehicle and department.
  • Download transaction information into convenient Microsoft Excel format.

"The Fuelman fleet card is good because you assign a card to each chauffeur and they have a specific pin number,” says Danny Bacher of Atlanta’s Topper Worldwide. “You can track all purchases on the cards online. You can also limit the dollar amount per fill-up and the number of fill-ups per day. By logging into the site you can disable a card if you need to."

Did You Know?
A Fleet Financials survey shows that, on average, fleets that change from no fuel management program to a managed fuel program realize savings of up to 15% on their overall fuel management costs. Visti http://www.fleetfinancials.com/fc_resources/FF1110fuel.pdf to see Fleet Financial’s comprehensive chart of fleet fuel card options.

Fleet One LLC
Fleet One Fuel Card
Antioch, Tenn.
(866) 517-2537

  • Driver ID updates and card maintenance tools.
  • Download invoices, activity reports and raw data files.
  • Search Fleet One Merchants by site, city, state, county, amenity, or any combination.
  • Accepted in all 50 states at more than 45,000 sites.
  • Onsite fuel service track consumption data at operators’ own facilities. Fleet One captures all onsite fuel data, by driver or by card, and provides consolidated billing of retail and on-site purchases.
  • Grant employees web security access to perform supervisor functions.
  • Pay electronically through InternetPay, AutoPay, or FaxPay using ElectroniChek.

U.S Bank Voyager Fleet Systems
Voyager Universal Fleet Card
Minneapolis, Minn. (U.S. Bancorp HQ)
(866) 274-5898

  •  Security features require drivers to enter vehicle PIN, driver PIN, and odometer reading before using the card.
  • Set limits on purchase options.
  • Monitor and identify pattern discrepancies and fuel purchases in excess of client-defined specifications and capacity.
  • Flexible reporting tools turn raw data into useful information for compliance management and strategic planning.
  •  Exclusive negotiated discounts and special offers with fuel and maintenance providers.
  • Available in all 50 states and Puerto Rico at more than 230,000 sites.

Shell Fleet Card

Joe Magnano, owner of CLI Worldwide Transportation in Laguna Hills, Calif., uses a Shell Fleet Card because of the discount rate at 5% cash back. The Shell Fleet Card also allows owners to control purchases, monitor transactions, download reports and receive monthly statements that itemize each driver’s fuel and vehicle operation expenses. There are no service charges, annual fees, or minimum purchases.

Green Ride Global
Eyes on Board

Green Ride Global members have access to the “Eyes-On-Board” service which monitors fuel purchases and trip metrics, and provides the following benefits:

  • Vehicle-by-vehicle MPG data
  • Fuel theft detection
  • GPS threshold monitoring
  • Monthly reporting

The Eyes-On-Board initiative is a natural extension of the services of environmental accountability and carbon emissions reporting, said Justin Raymond, President & CEO of Green Ride Global, in a statement.

ARCO Business Fuel Card

ARCO’s Business Fuel Card is the fleet card of choice for L.A.’s Strack Premier Transportation. “The ARCO card is great because each vehicle has a gas card assigned to it and all employees have their own pin number,” says owner and operator Matthew Strack. “I receive reports every Monday that show the transactions and track the mileage. I also chose the card because there are a lot of fueling stations around and ARCO offers a good price on gas.”

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