Publisher's Page: Corporate Accounts Have Become Operators’ Bread and Butter

Sara Eastwood
Posted on January 1, 1996

How does an operator go about obtaining more corporate business?  Unfortunately, there isn’t a standard formula for procuring these extremely valuable clients.  The methods of acquiring these accounts vary as much as the personalities of the clients themselves.

Whether the accounts are obtained by telemarketing, knocking on doors, direct mail campaigns, referrals, business journal advertisements, or contacts made through regional or national associations, there is one element that will forever remain unchanged: providing the best possible service at all times.

Every operator that specializes in serving corporate clientele knows that flawless service is the best marketing tool an operator can use to amass new business.

“The needs of the client must be an operator’s number one priority,” says Darryl Norman, president and general manager of Riches & Roses Limousine Service in Charlotte, NC.  “However, we will also approach a prospective corporate client and present them with a program on how they can save money.  The proposal might also free up staff or provide better service as well.”

The corporate world has reached far beyond the boundaries of New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles to many other flourishing economic centers.  In each urban area, the demand for corporate limousine service has grown.

Once a service has determined that they want to pursue corporate clientele, there is no substitute for hard work and persistence.  Many operators actively participate in various organizations primarily composed of local business leaders.  Community service often brings unexpected rewards in the area of corporate business because of the camaraderie that has been established with other corporate leaders.

One effective marketing tool is to appeal to today’s commuter society by representing the limousine as a productive business tool.  Each vehicle that is used for corporate transfers must be equipped with a fax machine, a cellular telephone, and a table.

The chauffeur also plays a key role.  He or she should be able to verify if a flight has been canceled or will be delayed for a prolonged period of time.  The driver must be able to make new reservations if needed.  This is the type of service that today’s traveling businessperson desires, and this is the type of service an operator wooing corporate business must emphasize.

Additionally, patience is a key to acquiring corporate accounts.  A business card may sit in a transportation director’s desk for months.  However, the day a corporation’s current limousine service makes a mistake could be the day it decides to go with another company.

Every operator in every city has his or her own distinct methods for acquiring corporate clientele.  It is impossible to measure the success ratios of the many methods that are currently used.  However, if an operator is able to garner one new corporate account, it is probably worthwhile.


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