Innovations Theater Brings Tech Focus To Show

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Posted on May 14, 2015

The Innovations Theater appeared for a second act at this year’s International LCT Show, featuring software vendors Asterminds Corps., Rental Limo and Book.Limo, and newcomer Whisk.

The theater, which first debuted at LCT-NLA Show East in October 2014, is a cordoned off seating area with screens along the exhibit floor where industry vendors can give one-hour presentations to attendees. By providing a smaller classroom environment, the theater allows operators to ask questions and talk with presenters. Companies use the time to explain products and get input from customers.

Theater vendors typically offer new and unique products of interest to operators. This year’s presenters went beyond the traditional format, and challenged operators to think differently about how they can use software tools to improve their businesses.

Asterminds Corps CEO Seth Rudin informally polled the audience about their mobile app capabilities.

Asterminds Corps CEO Seth Rudin informally polled the audience about their mobile app capabilities.


Seth Rudin, CEO of Asterminds Corps., reported strong interest in his presentation. “We had lots of interest and were able to accomplish more than I’d thought. By our last presentation, we had nearly everyone in the audience staying to talk to us after or ask questions.”

Rudin went through the basic principles of his mobile app, AsterRide, which allows customers to e-hail rides on-demand similar to Uber. Rudin also spoke of the white label version that operators can brand as their own.

Rental Limo

Rental Limo hosted two different presentations; one for its Rental Limo SEO and booking service and another for the company’s new Book.Limo widget that allows operators to embed the easy “three-step-booking process” onto their company websites.

Michael Ibrahim, CEO of Whisk, asked operators during his presentation what makes them select a software provider.

Michael Ibrahim, CEO of Whisk, asked operators during his presentation what makes them select a software provider.


The third participant at the Innovations Theater was newcomer Whisk, whose presentation was led by CEO Michael Ibrahim and co-founder Ram Trichur. Whisk is another on-demand based app, similar to Uber. But Whisk partners with only licensed limousine service providers. It also emphasizes the customer service, and brings priority customer models into play.

Ibrahim made a compelling argument for such new software products entering the industry, and Trichur reported positive responses to their presentation from attendees.
“It was very well received,” Trichur said. “Based off the response, we now are organizing a couple of web sessions on specific topics to continue to educate our customer.” Ibrahim added a comment about educating operators at the show, “It is a challenge for us and for the industry to educate operators on how they can use technology more efficiently.

Because of conditioning they’ve been asking the wrong questions, and don’t realize why they are not gaining any new competitive advantages,” he said.

Look for more programming at the Innovations Theater during LCT-NLA Show East, Nov. 8-10, in Atlantic City, N.J.

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