Putting On A Show With Plenty Of Payback

Sara Eastwood-McLean
Posted on February 2, 2015
Get ready. LCT @ The Venetian / The Palazzo March 16-18, 2015.

Get ready. LCT @ The Venetian / The Palazzo March 16-18, 2015.

Get ready. LCT @ The Venetian / The Palazzo March 16-18, 2015.

Get ready. LCT @ The Venetian / The Palazzo March 16-18, 2015.

As I write this column two months before the International LCT Show, I am thrilled to see how our industry trade show is shaping up. If reservations hold, you’ll be standing on the biggest limousine trade show floor in the history of this industry, with plenty to see, shop and learn.

We’re just about sold out of vendor space on our near-200,000 square foot show floor at the Venetian-Palazzo Resort conference center in Las Vegas, literally doubling our vendor square footage from last year at the MGM Grand.

We’re projected to have 120 chauffeured vehicles and buses of all types on display, up from 89 vehicles at the 2014 show and 72 vehicles in 2013. In fact, this could be the biggest show since 2008, just before the industry went into its worst decline.

The bottom line is our industry has almost fully rebounded over the last seven years, which is amazing when you think about the recession, growth of TNCs, and all the drama during that time. It’s been a long haul, but I always said this industry would still see its best days to come as long as we remained focused on strong customer service and high quality performance in everything we do. What’s that slogan, “Don’t Stop Believin’?” You’ve probably seen it a lot, lately. It best captures our strength and positive outlook as an industry this year.
We’ve also learned a lot here at LCT, having been humbled in the last few years. Those lessons proved invaluable. We rebranded as Limousine Charter & Tour six years ago because we anticipated how much this industry would move into group transportation. We’ve formed a partnership with the American Bus Association, a savvy and professional trade group that has much to offer limo operators. Look around, and you’ll see rows and walls of buses of all sizes across the floor.

We took the International LCT Show, now going on 31 years, and injected it with a wider variety of networking events, speakers, and creative ideas than ever before. We realized with so many changes and shake-ups in our industry we needed keynoters and session leaders that help you make sense of — and stay ahead of — all the mega- and micro-trends affecting your business.
This approach also has boosted our annual executive conference, the LCT Leadership Summit, which saw its best results last year since we launched it in 1999. Held at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach for the first time in May, it drew such a good response that we’re headed back May 17-19.
In 2013, we returned to the East Coast with a new trade show that now stands as the leading — and only — convenient, centrally located industry event in the mid-Atlantic to Northeast region. After fine-tuning LCT Show East for the last two years, we are moving to Atlantic City’s newest conference venue this year at Harrah’s, our East Coast show home through 2017. Look for more announcements and details to come for the Nov. 8-10 event as we make it easier than ever to attend an East Coast show.
From Las Vegas, to Miami Beach, to Atlantic City, we’re the global B2B industry brand that has got you covered with something for everyone — both coasts, everywhere in between and around the world.

Sometimes it takes some trauma to test your mettle and get things right. We’re proud of all the operators, vendors and business friends who’ve worked so hard to support this industry, LCT events and LCT Magazine for so many years. You’ve taught us a lot. May you now reap the rewards. See you at the Show!

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  • larry hines

     | about 5 years ago

    Just looked at your list of CEO's who are to lead your affilate sessions. I would defintely question the selection of at least one. Seeing that his history of dealing with affiliates and payment is less then honorable. Just ask those that have been left in the wake of his destruction and have crippled some of us financially. . But this is the limousine industry and there has always been a history of putting people with less then honorable motives in positions of power and prestige. I have to give them credit they definitely have this magazine in there back pocket.

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