YOUR MEDIA: Staying Social & Connected For Business

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Posted on April 30, 2010

Clients increasingly are always wired, connected, and informed. Getting to them in a dense media environment requires a savvy approach to online marketing and messaging. Operators who tap the Internet through the explosive growth of social networking understand that a business must be virtual and viral to succeed.

Social media sites are the fastest growing category on the Web, doubling in traffic over the last year.

• 73% of active users have read a blog

• 45% have started their own blog

• 39% subscribe to an RSS feed

• 57% have joined a social network

• 55% have uploaded photos

• 83% have watched video clips

Source: Universal McCann’s Comparative Study on Social Media, April 2008

Of all active Social Media Site users

• 33% visit social media sites to engage in product research before making a purchasing decision

• 47% say social media sites influence their decision to purchase specific brands or services

• 26% of respondents change their minds about a purchase after reading about it on a social media site

• Facebook, just one social media site, signs up 60,000 new users daily

Source: Market Tools August/September 2008

Of all online users

• ONE word-of-mouth conversation has the impact of 200 TV ads — Buzz Agent

• 87% trust a friend’s recommendation over a critic’s review — Marketing Sherpa

Visibility on social media sites is all about participation to: Generate exposure for your business, increase traffic, build new business partnerships, and bring in new qualified leads.

88% of entrepreneurs, executives, and career professionals use social media marketing, but 72% have been participating for a few months or less.

Source: Steizner, Michael Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2009

Top THREE Social Media Sites

• Twitter, 86%

• LinkedIn, 78%

• Facebook, 77%

Source: Steizner, Michael Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2009

Media Business Trends

Clearly the trend is that most businesses are beginning to catch on to the importance of having a clear and concise social media marketing strategy.

• 75% of businesses have a company page on a social networking site such as Facebook or LinkedIn

• 69% post updates and/or articles on Facebook or LinkedIn

• 57% build their network through LinkedIn

• 54% use social media networks to monitor postive and negative feedback on their company

• 39% have a blog for their business

• 26% use Twitter to communicate about their area of expertise

• 16% use Twitter as a customer service vehicle

• 45% expect social media to be profitable in the next 12 months

• 61% use social media for identifying and attracting new customers

Source: 2009 University of Maryland Social Media Study

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LCT Staff LCT Staff
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