Ultimate Custom Coach Lives Up to Name

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Posted on April 30, 2010


After working for Krystal Enterprises and Royal Coach by Victor, founder Roger Padilla set out to chase his dream and “deliver the dream of others for the perfect nightclub on wheels.” Padilla believed that operators wanted something that just wasn’t out there yet.

So, using his life savings, the help of his mother, and Simon Ringham at All Stretched Out in the United Kingdom, he set out to build the best quality manufactured nightclub on wheels while establishing a higher standard for limo-buses.

This is in addition to his customization of Harleys, “dualie” trucks, and other vehicles. Ultimate debuted its 40-foot “Ultimate Land Yacht” model at the 2010 International LCT Show and it proved to be a hit display, drawing in many visitors who marveled at the impressive interior.

The coach features many amenities that exceed standard features on most coaches. There are five televisions. When boarding this coach, it feels more like walking into a nightclub than a vehicle with tons of specialized lighting, such as fiber optics under the seat, in ice compartments, under cup holders, and many other places. The coach features halo lighting and floor lighting. Impressive strobe lights complement the awesome sound system. The electronics are touch control.

While many coachbuilders are feeling pinched now, Ultimate proved two things at the ILCT show in January. Operators are buying and limo-buses are the hot ticket at the moment. Padilla said he had not enjoyed as much success at any other show in the past 10 years; he reported that he had received deposits on 12 buses because of his show display.

Production Particulars

Ultimate Custom Coach operates a single row production line at its 120,000 square-foot facility. All vehicles begin the modification process from the chassis at the start of the production line stopping at various installation stations where each amenity is added before the vehicle moves to the next point in the line. Twenty-three production people are involved in the finished vehicle.

All vehicles end the production process with a visit to a 20-foot wide, 60-foot deep paint-booth using a cross-draft technology for the highest quality paint finish possible. Built-in heaters dry the paint to an illustrious finish.


Name: Ultimate Custom Coach Location: Orange, Calif. Founded: 2005 Owner: Roger Padilla Employees: 25 Units sold in 2009: 70 Phone: 714-997-LIMO (5466) Web site:


• 28 ft. Front Engine Limo-Bus

• 36 ft. Front Engine Limo-Bus

• 40 ft. Rear Engine Limo-Bus

• 45 ft. Rear Engine Limo-Bus

• Customized Harleys

• Customized Dualie Trucks

• Gas, diesel or LPG engines

Future Plans

• 2010 sales projection: 60–75 units

• Expansion to charter bus market

• Forward-facing seat models

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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