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Posted on October 5, 2009

One of the newest industry innovations borrows a few pages from Facebook and LinkedIn, offering operators a chance to selectively network by checking out each other’s rates and terms without having to fill out endless forms.

The website — — is the brainchild of operator Michael Lindsey, 46, owner of Lindsey Limousine Inc., a 30-vehicle chauffeured transportation company based in South Windsor, Conn.

“This site is completely confidential,” Lindsey said. “Like Facebook, you disclose what information you want to share and to whom.”

Gaining members

Since a soft test-launch in January, the site had attracted at least 130 members as of late September without any organized promotional or advertising campaign. Lindsey upgraded to a “2.0” version in July and plans a “3.0” upgrade by December. The site is ideal for small to medium-sized operators looking to widen their farm-in and farm-out networks.

Lindsey conceived of the idea after years of hassling with filling out forms for the purpose of disclosing information to prospective network affiliates as he built up is farm-in and farm-out arrangements.

“How many times have you received one of those applications and not filled it out?” Lindsey asks, knowingly. “Everyone admits they’ve done it before. I got to thinking, there must be a better way.”


Operators can detail rates, surcharges, tolls, transfer rates, vehicle types, airport proximity, and many of the other important details of a chauffeured operation that prospective affiliates would want to “check out.” Members can sort information by state, county, city, and airport.

“Like LinkedIn and Facebook, you see who is a member and can send an e-mail to whomever you would like a relationship with and request rates,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey came up with his program by looking at many affiliate profile forms over the years and then compiling the best formats and questions into a master e-form for the website. “You fill it out only once,” he said.

So far, the site has not generated any revenue. Lindsey maintains and uses it for its time-saving convenience and reliable vetting. “I have no plans in the near future to charge for it,” he said. “It’s more of a system.”

No surprises

Changes in rates and insurance coverage are automatically e-blasted to any affiliate client an operator has connected with, Lindsey said. That eliminates phone calls and surprise changes. “There are no surprises for operators who haven’t used an affiliate for months and the rates went up. There is no last-minute take the hit,” he added, referring to operators having to eat unforeseen rate increases of affiliates after a reservation has been booked.

“It manages relationships you already have, but is not a substitute for the NLA directory or a bulletin board about asking for work,” Lindsey said.

12 Q&As

The following excerpts were compiled form Lindsey and FAQs:

Q: What is

A: is an online program that helps companies to more efficiently manage and organize their affiliate network. By using’s exclusive “sharing” option companies can build and maintain their business relationships with other companies nationwide and globally. All the necessary information that you require of your affiliates is organized in a neat and orderly fashion within a paperless online environment.

• • •

Q: What is the problem you are referring to?

A: There are hundreds of limousine companies out there and they all have their own “Affiliate Application” or “Affiliate Profile Form.” I receive these different requests in the form of a Microsoft Word form, Microsoft Excel form, sometimes it’s a PDF that needs to be filled out and faxed back. Everyone is asking pretty much the same information but it is always in a different form, and different order, and isn’t very convenient to fill out. eliminates the need for companies to have their own “form,” and being online it is easy and quick for companies to complete the information everyone is looking for. Each company only fills out this information once, and then “shares” or distributes this information easily with a “click” to those other companies.

• • •

Q: Exactly how does work?

A: Members of the site fill out an online profile of their company’s information and then proceed to “share” that profile with those companies that they accept work from, or those companies that request to see their information. This becomes their “farm-in network.” And now for the best part, whenever a member changes information within their profile, that “change” is automatically emailed to everyone in their “farm-in network.” Everyone who does business with that company is automatically kept up-to-date and they can in-turn update their systems with the new information. It virtually eliminates “misquotes.” Each user can also create a customized “farm-out network” by requesting that others “share” their information with the user. The user can then go to the “My Network” section of the site to instantly view all the members of their “farm-out network” or all the companies that they send work out to. And just as all the members of a user’s “farm-in network” are automatically informed of any changes the user makes to the company profile, that member will be automatically informed of any changes that any member of their “farm-out network” makes to their profiles.

• • •

Q: How do members “share” their information?

A: Users simply “click” on a “share” button to initiate sharing their information with another member. is NOT intended to be used as a directory to attract new business. Instead the system is intended to help companies manage and expand their existing farm-in and farm-out affiliate networks. All members must “accept” a company into their networks. If a company proceeds to “share” its information with everyone, most likely many of those companies will simply remove or “un-share” that company from their networks.

• • •

Q: Can help a company to find an affiliate in another market?

A: Yes. By selecting “Browse All Members,” a user can easily see all the other members of the site, and can even filter or sort that list by “state” or “country.” And, with the click of the mouse, a member can send a “rate request” to that other member and request them to “share” their rates with them. Each member is also listed along with the top three airports that the member services, thereby helping others to pinpoint the closest company to the airport they are looking to service.

• • •

Q: What if a company that someone wants to do business with is not a member of

A: has a unique “Invite a Colleague” feature that allows members to simply enter the email address of their colleague and will automatically send out information about the site to them and let them know that you were the one to suggest the site.

• • •

Q: What information is kept on

A: keeps track of a variety of useful information, and is divided into sections specifically chosen for the limousine industry. The easy to use “tab” or “section” organized system included company information, contact phone numbers, services provided, details, pricing, and more.

• • •

Q: Aside from basic company information and rates, what else does do?

A: Another big problem operators face is organizing and tracking the certificates of insurance they carry for their affiliates. Within each member’s “My Network” area, that company can enter the expiration date of each of their affiliate’s insurance certificates and will automatically email that member seven days prior to one of their affiliates insurance expiring. Also, with a simple glance of the “My Network” section, members can see that all of their affiliates insurance is on file and current. The member also can scan a copy of the insurance certificates they receive and then upload that scan to the site for viewing, printing, or whatever they wish at a later time. No more filing cabinets full of useless paper.

• • •

Q: How detailed is the rates section?

A: It is extremely detailed and customizable by the member user. Detailed “rate tables” are able to be created for both hourly rates and transfer rates. This information is presented in an easy to understand format. The site even supports three different rate charts or levels, so you aren’t limited to just one rate structure.

• • •

Q: How is extracting the information out of done?

A: First, is an online program available anywhere at any computer with Internet access. The only information a company might want to extract would be the rates of a company that is sharing its information with them. Members can easily export both the hourly rates and the transfer rates into an Excel Workbook that can be emailed, printed, or simply viewed by another member of its team. This feature is extremely useful for companies as they enter affiliate rates into their reservation systems.

• • •

Q: How secure is the information?

A: All the information is kept on a secure server service similar to one that a company keeps its website on, and because each company chooses who it wants to “share” information with, it is in complete control of its information.

• • •

Q: Does have any type of access or management that can be configured by the user?

A: Yes, each company is set up with a “primary user” and up to three additional “secondary users.” The primary user will be the one who originally joined the site, and this will be designated by that person’s e-mail address. The primary user can configure each secondary user account to receive or not to receive the automatic email confirmations. Each section also can be set so that the secondary user either has “no access,” “read only access,” or “full read/write access.”

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