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Posted on April 1, 2009

At first glimpse, Mike Lipkin appears a bit intimidating: slender, bald, suited, pointed features, penetrating gaze — just a hint of a sinister veneer when not smiling.

Appearances though are not entirely deceiving; Lipkin has the physique and manner of an intensely disciplined go-getter and enthusiast.

His two sessions at the International LCT Show — a keynote address and a sales seminar — provided some of the most helpful information for operators while keeping them fully engaged.

Lipkin is president of Environics/Lipkin, the motivation and sales empowerment practice of Environics Research Group — one of Canada’s leading research houses. In 2008 alone, he spoke to more than 100,000 people in 19 countries and delivered 185 programs internationally.

One Life, One Meeting: Building preeminence one conversation at a time Lipkin stresses that the quality of your future stems directly from the quality of conversations you have with people in your life.

Lipkin refers to it as “creating one preeminent conversation at a time.” In a voice similar to the late Steve Erwin, Lipkin mesmerized the morning crowd: “Treasure every encounter as it will never reoccur.” Lipkin told the crowd that we can create conversations that will inspire others and help them grow. With his trademark strong inflections, Lipkin emphasized how bringing out the best in people brings out the best in ourselves. Become someone others seek out, he said.

Lipkin explained that there are two types of people:

1) Those that embrace their environments and

2) Those happy being miserable.

The second blames others and doesn’t take responsibility. He asked the audience which they were. He told them that the moment you are aware that something is occurring is when it becomes a reality and you must confront the challenge of it.

Lipkin said people often live in denial that can lead to anger that hinders best efforts. He advised that you should stay excited or “juiced” to be at your best.

“Live life with anticipation of something amazing happening,” he said. “Get rid of disappointment. It’s debilitating!”

Throughout his talk, he pointed out “Lipkinisms,” or as he explained, “Truths that cannot be denied.” When he was going to say something important, he made a point of telling us it was important.

One of many Lipkinisms: “The only moment you can control is right now!” He explained that someone will take an impression of you from that one meeting. He believes we are all a little schizophrenic. The “little you” is fatigued and irritable. You are not at your best. The “big you’, on the other hand, is always at his best. Lipkin believes we should always aspire to the “big you.”

He pointed out that the chauffeur is each of the limousine company owners’ ambassadors, and owners are therefore responsible for the actions of chauffeurs. Lipkin said that business owners must be the “keepers of the flame,” which he followed by another Lipkinism: “When the fire dies down, the predators come in!”

Shut up and talk with someone else

Lipkin pointed out that we live in a world of noise that often distracts us from having perfect conversations. He said that we talk to ourselves 24/7 at 800 words per minute. We even talk to ourselves in our sleep. He went on to explain though that when others speak to us, we only hear about 200 words per minute. It’s easy to get distracted by ourselves. He said that we sometimes speak to ourselves so loud that we don’t hear what others are saying. Your mind sometimes doesn’t want to hear what is happening. Lipkin said the state you are in determines the actions you take. He encourages everyone to act in a state of excitement.


10 Ways To Live Above The Line

During an afternoon session focused on sales, Mike Lipkin shared his 10 laws of sales and service preeminence. Lipkin believes that since excellence has become the new mediocrity, salespeople must be preeminent:

01 Focus on success. Set goals and convey your goals to the people who work for you. Make sure you express your goals, energize them, and make sure that they energize your people.

02 Own the business. Lipkin wants you to control your own destiny. He said that your clients want peace of mind and confidence.

03 Prepare to win. Lipkin includes mental and physical health here. He wants you to learn something new everyday and then give something back. He wants you to have an adventure.

04 Be Courageous. Here Lipkin cautions that order is very important with these steps. Lipkinism: “Courage takes you past the point that preparation takes you to.” He added a second: FEAR — Face Everything and Rule!

05 Care deeply about your customers. Demonstrate an interest in them. Show them how much you enjoy serving them. Go above and beyond.

06 Listen intently.

07 Communicate with confidence.

08 Be a team player. Lipkinism: “The most important trip you will ever make is meeting a person halfway.”

09 Be Hungry for Kaizen. (Constant and never ending improvement). Lipkinism: “Knowledge is like fertilizer. Sit it in a corner and stink up the place but spread it out and it makes things grow.” Grow every day. Live above the line.

10 Be disciplined. Make every conversation count. Always be on when you need to be on. Condition yourself for preeminence.


10 Points for Good Talking and Listening

Mike Lipkin’s 10 key pointers for successful conversations and impressions:

01) Be excited by the prize. Join the CIA: “Celebrate in Advance.” Don’t wait for the thing to happen. Keep your eye on the prize and the prize will draw you to it.

02) Be inspired by your purpose! If you have a why, you will find a how. Embrace your environment. He quotes the Lipkinism: Be you because others are already taken!

03) Master the purpose. He feels that your preparation is your passion for the routine. Quoting Lance Armstrong, Lipkin said: “The better you get, the better you get.” He feels that in order to achieve mastery, you need 10,000 hours of preparation and he wants us to do it with awareness. Don’t procrastinate, he said, adding a Lipkinism: “Kill King Kong while he is a baby.”

04) Be connected through caring. Collaboration, connectivity and reaching out all fit here. How do you show you care? Lipkin said that he has never regretted being generous.

05) Focus on your listening. In every conversation, there is a strategic inflection point that determines the relationship. If someone doesn’t get you, you don’t get the deal. He delivered this Lipkinism: “Listen to others the way you want them to feel about themselves.” He feels that people will forget what you say but they will remember how it makes them feel.

06) Be magnetic in your language. Certain words induce feelings. Examples are words like galvanize, electrify, inspire. Words are your mental diet. He used the example of the Vince Lombardi quote: “You will be fired with enthusiasm or fired with enthusiasm.”

07) Be inviting through your openness. Be open physically and mentally. For which he had another Lipkinism: “Be kind to idiots in your life. You are someone else’s idiot.”

08) Be responsive though your improvisation. Plan is a verb not a noun, said Lipkin for which he had this Lipkinism: “If you want to make God laugh, show him your plan.” He advises we improvise as we move through life.

09) Be deliberate in your practice. Believe in your message. People will believe you if they believe that you believe.

10) Be consistent through your conditioning. Take care of yourself. Lipkinism: “It’s not who is right; it’s who’s left!”


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