Thank God it’s Monday

LCT Staff
Posted on March 1, 2008

Do you look forward to Monday morning? Are you raring to go back to work at your company? Or are you a TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday) kind of person who can’t wait to get away from the job for a couple of days? You spend at least eight hours a day at the job. That is almost 25% of your week. If you are a TGIF person you are missing something really important in your work life and it’s called passion.

Being passionate about your business is more than the old adage “do what you love.” It’s looking forward to going to work. It’s time flying by when you’re there. It’s working past quitting time, not because you’re swamped with work, but because you were so intent you didn’t notice the time. When you are passionate about what you do for a living you enjoy it more. You also do it better. You are more committed to the success of the operation if you believe in it passionately.

Put your passion to work. The trick is not just to feel passionately about your job, but to act passionately too. Use you passion to move projects ahead, to find innovative solutions to perplexing problems, to work through the interpersonal conflicts. If you act passionately, you won’t sit passively through another boring meeting with your team. You can’t. You will share that passion with the others in the meeting. Your energy can lift all of them. Even if it doesn’t, you will feel better knowing you are doing something to advance the cause in which you believe passionately.

Passionate people get more done. They don’t spend time worrying about what they have to do next. They don’t scheme about how to get out of doing something. And they don’t have to waste time dreaming about a vacation they want to take to get away from the job. People who are passionate about their work do a better job.

Since they care so much about the work, they don’t settle for anything less than their best. They don’t ever “just go through the motions.” They pour all their thought and energy into doing the job well. It’s just a job, isn’t it? If you feel that your work is just “a living,” you’re wasting 40 or more hours a week of your life. You are shortchanging your employees who get less than your best effort. You are shortchanging yourself by wasting time on routine or even drudgery instead of spending that time doing what you enjoy. You could, and should, spend those 40 hours instead doing something that makes you feel good.

Not convinced? Think about something away from work that you are passionate about. Maybe it’s a hobby or a sport, an activity with a special group of friends or that quiet activity where you recharge your energy. Ever miss dinner because you were shooting hoops and didn’t notice how late it had gotten? Do you know the intensity and concentration you feel when you are working on your radio-controlled models? Have you ever wondered where the day went when you were antique hunting with your best friend? Those are the passions we enjoy in our time away from work. You should get that same kind of charge when you come to your offices. It is next to impossible to succeed at your business without having inner passion and a drive – an absolute love for what you’re doing.

Like every year, LCT always chooses a special “theme” to anchor its convention. This year it’s IGNITE YOUR PASSION because we believe that success for the coming year is in your attitude towards what you do every day. With that in mind, we look forward to presenting you with a truly inspirational event this month and to your renewed sense of excitement about your company and the people who work with you, for you, and whom you serve as customers!

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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