A New Year, A New Attitude

Sara Eastwood
Posted on January 1, 2005

As I type this editorial, I cannot believe it’s 2005! It seems like only yesterday when Y2K was the entire buzz. Wow, how time flies.

At LCT, we are referring to 2005 as OUR year. This is it. We’ve just come off a record-breaking 2004 with a windfall of new advertising, endorsements and sponsorships giving us the fuel and the drive to spend more dollars upgrading LCT!

We’re pretty proud of the quality of LCT products we bring to you, which include this magazine, our national convention in Las Vegas, our Leadership Summit and our chauffeur training programs. However, lest we rest on our laurels, once a year we sit down, take a deep breath and evaluate our strengths and weaknesses so we know where to focus the bulk of our attention in the coming year.

Here we go on our New Year’s objectives. First, after the magazine turned 22 years old, we thought LCT needed a face-lift. As you can see from this 2005 debut issue, LCT has been pulled, tucked and polished with a complete cover-to-cover redesign. Although many of our popular departments such as Limo Scene are the same, the magazine’s aesthetics have been greatly enhanced. This major undertaking is something we do about every 8 to 10 years. We hope you find our new contemporary look both eye-catching and very user-friendly.

Next up, our show. Each year we strive to make our convention fresh, exciting and interesting, all the while offering excellent take-home value. This year our theme is “Ride the Wave of Success” and with that, those of you who make the trek to Las Vegas are going to do just that – in some cases literally! We’ve taken our BEACH show theme to new levels, with more action both on the show floor and at our networking functions than ever before. And we’ve nearly doubled the seminar selections over last year!

Our chauffeur training video program also got an overhaul. After nearly two years in production, the Executive Chauffeuring School training series is now more comprehensive. In fact, we’ve added an additional 30 minutes of instruction from its predecessor. Check it out. I think you’ll agree that it is exceptional.

On the relationship side of our business, we’re pleased to inform you that LCT has joined forces with the New England Livery Association and the National Limousine Association to produce a regional conference, fittingly called the LCT Eastern Conference. LCT East will include a comprehensive staff-training program for our readers wishing to take their top chauffeurs, reservationists and dispatchers through our on-site training courses. Among other unique programs, LCT East will host an association pavilion where all state and regional limousine organizations will be GIFTED space to promote membership and communicate missions and goals.

As this issue goes to print, we are also happy to report that Ford Motor Company has pledged their sponsorship support to our LCT Eastern Conference, which will enable us to offer world-class speakers and evening functions. Why LCT East? LCT has more than 50 percent of its PAID operator readership residing from Maine to Washington, D.C. Needless to say, the Eastern Seaboard is an extremely vital marketplace for us. While we do enjoy strong eastern participation at our international show in Las Vegas, there are literally thousands of smaller operator/customers that simply cannot afford the trip. We feel it’s about time we made a housecall. More details will follow. In the meantime, mark you calendars for Sept. 12-13, 2005, for LCT East, coming to the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut!

So those are the major projects underway here at LCT. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your valuable input. Your suggestions are what fuel new ideas such as the ones I’ve written about here.

Sincerely, Sara Eastwood

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