Top 10 Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

LCT Staff
Posted on October 1, 2001

Ring in the New Year with these holiday marketing ideas — winning ways to thank your customers and keep your name in front of them at the same time.

Holiday cards Seasonal cards such as “Seasons Greetings,” “Happy Holidays,” “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” are perfect for acknowledging your customers and thanking them for their support throughout the year. A special handwritten thought shows your clients that you took the time to gather some personal thoughts specific to them.

Direct-Mail Postcards These cards allow you to display a color photo on the front of the card with your special message or greeting on the back. Direct-mail postcards are not only inexpensive to purchase, but they are also inexpensive to mail. Use this method to inform your customers of special offers, tours, pricing, holiday packages or a free transportation consultation.

Bonus Cards

This is a color postcard with a photo on the front and a tear-off coupon. Use a bonus card to offer your customers a percentage off on a future service, a special package price, a free return airport trip, or any other “special deal.”

Plastic Calendar Cards These cards are the size of credit cards and printed on heavy gauge plastic — one- or two-sided. On one side, print airport (800) numbers, important emergency numbers, a tipping guide or business card information. On the other side, you can print the next year’s calendar. Be sure to include your company name, logo and phone number. The card fits easily into a wallet or purse for handy quick reference.

Calendars All of your customers use calendars — why not hand out your own calendar? It provides 12 months of free advertising for your company! You can choose from a wall calendar, magnetic calendar, desktop calendar, pocket calendar, photo business card calendar, etc.

Mousepads With the majority of companies being online now, this is a great gift for all of your customers, who are no doubt tech-savvy. Offer them this practical gift, and every time they click their mouse, they will see your company name and/or logo. They are also a great way to advertise your Web address, making it easy for them to surf the Net to your Web site. Mousepads are available in one color or with color photos. Discount Cards Available in plastic or printed, this special discount card can be offered to your valued customers to use for special trips. This will eliminate frequent customers asking for special discounts — they can use their discount card! These are also great to enclose in a holiday card or letter.

Promotional Items/ Gift Items A special way to thank your loyal customers at the holidays is also somewhat inexpensive. Give them small gifts, such as sewing kits, luggage tags, ice scrapers, travel mugs, pens, notepads or notebooks. Inscribe gifts with your logo or business name and number whenever possible. Interior Decorating Enhance your vehicle’s interior with festive, custom-imprinted napkins in holiday-themed colors. Consider imprinted mints, chocolate or candy canes. Put together a small gift basket of fruit, chocolate or flowers, and leave it inside the vehicle to surprise and thank your clients. Always include a handwritten note of appreciation.

Calling Cards Give a special thank-you to your valued clients with a free calling card. Offer them a pre-paid calling card that also advertises your company and services — great to hand out by itself or include with a holiday greeting card. With some pre-planning, you can make the holiday season more memorable for your customers and your business.

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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