Cadillac’s Goal Is to Be “the Cadillac of the Livery Business”

LCT Staff
Posted on May 1, 2005

Jim Taylor, an auto industry veteran, serves as Cadillac’s general manager and oversees all activities from retail sales to professional vehicles. LCT spoke with Taylor about his views on the industry and where Cadillac fits into the mix.

Q: You recently participated in the LCT Show. What general impressions did you glean from this event? A: The LCT Show was a huge success for Cadillac. Personally, it was my first limousine show, and I was pleased to see so many operators excited about the new generation of Cadillac products, including the 2006 DTS and the Escalade ESVe. With the energy and enthusiasm displayed at the show by the first-timers and the seasoned industry veterans, it is easy to see that the ground transportation industry is alive and well.

For Cadillac, this industry is a must. It represents an opportunity to build our image with countless customers. Collectively, the limousine and livery industry transport a couple hundred million passengers each year, all of which are potential General Motors customers. Specifically, that’s a tremendous opportunity to expose people to the new Cadillac, the Cadillac that is experiencing a powerful renaissance in the luxury market.

Q: What are your views on where the limousine and chauffeured transportation industry is heading? A: Today’s corporate executive vehicle of choice is a luxury sedan or low-profile conversion. The new 2006 DTS and the Escalade ESVe are ideally suited to this segment. These technologically advanced vehicles provide the quality, reliability and durability that operators demand, and the styling, comfort and convenience that will satisfy the most discerning clientele.

We believe that business travel will continue to be the leading segment in the market. Fulfilling the needs of this segment will be critical to the financial success of any operation. And Cadillac will continue to strengthen its presence, offering innovative vehicles filled with purposeful technology.

Not unlike the retail world, Cadillac’s direction in the limousine and chauffeured transportation industry is to be the leading supplier of premium luxury automobiles. And the new 2006 DTS and the Escalade ESVe, with their bold designs and sophisticated interiors, solidify this position.

Cadillac Unveils 2006 DTS Limousine and Escalade ESVe Limousine at LCT Show

Q: How is Cadillac positioning itself to interact with the needs and requirements of the industry? A: Our goal is to literally be “the Cadillac of the livery business.” To maintain and build upon that image, we have a responsibility to provide unmatched quality and unforgettable experiences for every livery operator and customer. For us, the payoff is simple, many of our shared customers will desire to recreate key experiences in their everyday lives. In short, they will aspire to own a Cadillac. I liken this at some level to our new XLR 2-door roadster, we sell a few thousand of them a year, but it is extremely important for the image of our brand. Professional vehicles, too, are a must in our product portfolio. They are critical to our premium position in the marketplace.

Cadillac is deeply committed to this industry. As such, it was a pleasure to unveil the all-new 2006 DTS limousine and the Escalade ESVe limousine to the industry at the LCT Show. These vehicles are the latest additions to Cadillac’s continued product renaissance. Based on the feedback we received at the show, we expect the DTS and Escalade ESVe to appeal to affluent individuals, celebrities and corporate executives, as well as to leading ground transportation companies in the U.S.

As we continue to launch high-quality, boldly designed vehicles for this market, backed by the GM 4-year/50,000-mile Bumper-to-Bumper limited warranty and the 3-year/150,000-mile Professional Vehicle Protection Plan, our share in the professional vehicle market will grow.

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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