I have a new LCW 120 2006 Miles now are 21K.

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Posted on January 1, 2007

Dear Dr. Limo,

I have a new LCW 120 2006 Miles now are 21K. I have had to replace the computer 4 times. It either does not work or chatters/ sounds like a tele type machine. If you set the control at (72) once the car reaches this temperature the car goes nuts maintaining it.... or if you decide you want heat it quits completely. Am I stuck with MTG? LCW has been great at getting it replaced but the system is a lemon the clock on the drivers control panel works when it wants to its been replaced several times and MTG holds you up by not shipping a replacement until they get your old one. I live in Lancaster Ca. I need both Heat and air. What are my Options?


David, I have also had issues with the climate control part of the Mastercon system. Nothing as severe as you seem to have. My question is, Have they replaced just the main board, or are they replacing the driver and passenger controls as well? There could be a problem in one of those that is affecting the other head and the main board, especially when you say that the clock only works when it wants to. As far as are you stuck with MTG, I am afraid to tell you that you probably are. To retrofit your car to another system would be extremely expensive and would involve a conplete rewiring of the coach. I would get on the phone to the service department at MTG and get the supervisor, then get his supervisor, and then get theirs until the head of the Department was aware of your problem in great detail, and at that point, you might be able to walk them thru the symptoms that you are having. Check EVERY SYSTEM that the coach controls affect, list any problem with any system. Perhaps then they will get on the ball and ship you system parts without waiting for your old ones. Please keep me abreast of your progress and you can feel free to call me at 256-797-0911

Dear Dr. Limo,

The lights that come on inside the cabin when the door is opened flicker on and off like a strobe light until, of course, the door is shut and then they go off. It only affects these lights and not the mood lighting that remains on when passengers are in the car. Is this something I can fix on my own?

Jennifer Hooker Ron's American Limousines

Jennifer, in order to be able to help you in detail, I will need to know what control system the car in question uses in the coach. I would assume that it is a Mastercon, which is the most common. Can you hear anything clicking behind the divider when the lights are strobing? Do the lights strobe when either door is open, or is it just one door? try turning the interior lights on with the headlight knob and see if the front lights are doing the same thing. It sounds like you have a control problem on the board, but when I have a little more info I should be able to narrow down your search. Thank you and let me know what you find.

Dear Dr. Limo,

The front blowers cut out on me. I had a new blower installed - same thing happened 12 hours later. The blower is working in back but instead of 3 speeds, you only get one speed...

Please advise...


Ken, I assume you are talking about a Lincoln Town Car. There is a solid state blower control on the Lincoln that is known to fail which causes the blower to stop running. I would bet that the blower motor you replaced was still in good shape but the controller is failing. The controller is located right behind the right valve cover in the AC box. It is accessed from under the hood. Depending on the year of the car you are working on, there is a wiring harness update that must be installed, but it comes in the package with the controller from FORD. as to the blower in the back, I don’t know what control system you have in your car, but the Mastercon system uses a relay for each blower speed, and each relay has its own fuse. If one of those is blown, you will lose speed control. Get back to me about what kind of car and what kind of control system, and I can get you a little closer, but this should get you real close.

Dear Dr. Limo,

Are there any organizations for fleet managers in our field ? I am the fleet manager at Coastal Limousine in Pompano Beach Florida currently I am managing a fleet of 58 and growing. Between Sedans,Vans,6 pax,10pax,mini buses, party buses and a motor coach. We currently use GT3s-Odyssey II program which does have some fleet pre sets to track and maintain preventive maintenance. Are their any programs that you would recommend as a stand alone program for fleet management? Thank you in advance for any info you may have in this subject.

Richard S. Mediavilla Fleet Manager Coastal Limousine

Rich, are you a member of the NLA or any of the limousine associations? There are many operators in the NLA that could assist you in the management of your fleet. As for a progran to track preventative maintenance, I have used a program called INVOMAX for the past 8 years. It is an automotive service facility management software package that is very inexpensive. It allows you to input part numbers that you regularly use as well as to build Kits that are what you want to do at which intervals and you can print a report that tells you which vehicles are due for service. They offer a free trial, perhaps this will be something that can assist you.

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