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Posted on November 1, 2005

The ads visually take you there: A man relaxing in a beach chair near the water and the words, “Your Life, Made Easy. Riding with Commonwealth Worldwide gives you time to think, time to work, time to relax …” make quite an impression. Another ad shows a family of skiers on a chairlift with a white wonderland backdrop. The tag line reads, “We’ll Give You a Lift.”

For the perfect play on words, one Commonwealth ad shows a picture of a limousine in a fancy frame with the copy: “There’s an art to a successful ride. At Commonwealth Worldwide we work as a team to ensure that each trip you take with us is a masterpiece.”

Imaginative ads like these garnered Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation in Boston the LCT Marketing Award for Best Print Advertising. But unlike the majority of print ads, where the goal of the advertiser is to generate new business, Commonwealth Worldwide takes a different approach.

Says President Dawson Rutter, “We use advertising and marketing to build and reinforce our brand. We don’t advertise for point-of-purchase.”

With a 99.9% corporate clientele, Commonwealth Worldwide’s branding is directed toward that market. Elizabeth Lieblich, director of marketing for Commonwealth, works with a graphic designer to come up with each concept when working on ad campaigns.

To get ideas, Lieblich, who worked as an account executive in a graphic design studio, looks at various photo Web sites. She also leafs through consumer magazines and clips out ads she likes, then puts them on her office wall for inspiration.

The message our ads convey, says Lieblich, is that Commonwealth Worldwide allows you more time to do the things in life you want to do.
In its newest ad campaign, “Destination Anywhere: We know how to get you there,” Commonwealth wanted to emphasize its worldwide theme without having to spell it out precisely.

One ad shows a partial view of a businessman holding a suitcase and says, “Business proposals, group meetings, and 18-hour days – we know where you’re coming from.” The ad was the first one created for Executive Travel Magazine, says Lieblich.

Another ad shows the legs of a man sitting down in shallow water with flippers on his feet, and says, “Whether you’re on your way to sandy beaches or a concrete jungle we are at your service.”

“My goal with any marketing campaign is to create a strong and recognizable brand,” says Lieblich. “I want consumers to associate Commonwealth Worldwide with impeccable service, beautiful cars and great people.”

No Yellow Pages
Since Commonwealth Worldwide caters to corporate clients, the company does not advertise in the Yellow Pages. Says President Dawson Rutter, “The majority of consumers who use the Yellow Pages are looking to book a limousine service for a prom, a wedding or another special occasion. Common-wealth is not in the retail market.”

Instead, the company puts its advertising dollars into niche publications such as Boston Magazine and Executive Travel Magazine. Commonwealth also advertises in the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s programs and subscriber mailings and on its Web site.

“Niche publications hit our target audience,” says Elizabeth Lieblich, director of marketing. “They may not be as well known, but we get a lot of exposure because it’s the demographic we are marketing to.”

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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