Executive Coach Wins Ford’s Top Volume SUV Coachbuilder Award

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Posted on August 1, 2005

In the competitive field of limousine manufacturing, coachbuilders work hard to find strong market niches that will build their reputation and sales volume. The recent popularity of SUV limousines has been a real boon for manufacturers, especially Springfield-Mo.-based Executive Coach Builders. SUVs are popular with both corporate and retail clients, who like the professional image of the vehicles.

When Ford added its popular SUV models to its Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) program, Executive Coach was one of the first limousine manufacturers to embrace the process. Executive Coach’s decision to focus on QVM SUV building has paid off for the company in two ways. One is a dominant market position: more than half of QVM SUVs on American streets were built by Executive Coach, which is an impressive statistic.

The second payoff has been its enhanced image as a major supplier of quality SUV limousines to the chauffeured transportation industry. This reputation was enhanced recently through winning an award from Ford Motor Company.

“Executive Coach Builders has been the top volume Ford & Lincoln SUV limousine Qualified Vehicle Modifier for the past two years,” says Doug Walczak, Ford’s limousine/livery manager. “Their SUVs are shining examples of the quality and luxury found in QVM SUV limousines. Ford Motor Company is proud to have Executive Coach Builders as one of our partners in providing the industry’s leading SUV limousine products.”

“With the combination of quality and innovative designs, Executive Coach has been able to stay one step ahead of the competition,” says Bakare. “Since the introduction of the QVM SUV limousines, we have built and sold more SUV limousines than all of the other QVM coachbuilders combined. We have been able to create a niche for ourselves in the SUV market by being a high-volume custom limousine manufacturer.”

Focusing on the basics and communicating openly with customers pushed Executive to its leading position. “We listen to our customers and actually implement their feedback and suggestions into our products,” Bakare says.

Navigator: A Vehicle of Choice Another benefit of listening to customers is staying on top of market trends. Many corporate executives and other prestigious clients now prefer SUV limousines for their transportation needs.

Executive Coach Builders has benefited from this trend. President David Bakare says that more and more high-end operators are opting for the 140-inch Lincoln Navigator to meet this market demand. The dominant position of the Lincoln brand in the limousine industry has helped the Navigator.

“The Lincoln name has a much higher level of prestige and rides smoother than either the Hummer H2 or the Ford Excursion,” he says.

Executive Coach prominently features its QVM limousines and other manufactured vehicles on its revamped Web site. One enhanced feature on the new site is an application for pre-approval on limousine financing. You can log onto the Executive Coach Web site at

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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