The Back Page: Fact Book Crossword Puzzle & Who's Who

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Posted on October 1, 2005

On the last page of LCT's 2005-2006 Fact Book, we tested your knowledge of the livery industry with the following crossword puzzle. Here are the questions and answers.


2. What city did Limousine & Chauffeur magazine (now LCT) hold its first show? Answer: Atlantic City
4. What federal tax increased the purchase price of new limousines? Answer: Gas Guzzler
6. Which coachbuilder has advertised in every issue of LCT for the past 20 years? Answer: DaBryan
8. What operator holds the record for the most terms as the NLA president? Answer: George Jacobs
12. What does CMC stand for? Answer: Cadillac Master Coachbuilder
15. Hot topics in Limousine & Chauffeur magazine in 1986 included industry growth, ______ operators and insurance. Answer: gypsy
18. What is the most common surcharge operators use today? Answer: fuel
19. What city has the largest limousine market in the world? Answer: New York
21. The year 1987 holds the record for the most _________ sold. Answer: limousines
22. What is the most common two-way device used by operators to communicate to chauffeurs today? Answer: Nextel
24. The father of limousine company owner _________ was a former music industry executive. Answer: Cheryl Berkman
27. Who founded DavEl and created the first affiliate program? Answer: David Klein
28. Post-911, _________ costs increased by double digits for two years in a row. Answer: insurance
29. In 2004, LCT reported that the estimated number of ________ was 11,722. Answer: operators


1. True or false: Bobit Publishing founded LCT Magazine. Answer: False
3. _______ was the first limousine company to go public. Answer: Carey International
5. ____________ of London Town Car in N.Y. was the very first Operator of the Year in 1990. Answer: Stephen Spencer
7. The rise of the ___________ industry occurred in New York City in 1987 as a for-hire mode of transportation that was a hybrid of taxi and limousines. Answer: black car
9. What city is the annual LCT Show held in each year? Answer: Las Vegas
10. The standard limousine in the 1980s was the Cadillac __________. Answer: Fleetwood
11. According to the LCT 2004-2005 Fact Book, limousine industry ________ was $4.3 billion. Answer: revenue
13. The first president of the NLA was ______. Answer: Cris Portugal
14. What was LCT Publisher Sara McLean's maiden name prior to 1997? Answer: Eastwood
16. In its first Fact Book, LCT listed 67 marketers and _____________. Answer: Coachbuilders
17.Online bookings are now possible thanks to the_______. Answer: Internet
20. What limousine industry association formed in 1985? Answer: NLA
23. In 1990, Lincoln introduced its ____ program in an effort to improve manufacturing standards. Answer: QVM 25. What coachbuilder is located in Haverhill, Mass.? Answer: Royale
26. In 1989, what federal regulatory agency began an investigation into the compliance by coachbuilders to federal safety regulations? Answer: NHTSA

The last page also showed black-and-white photos, some dating back 20 years, of well-known individuals in the industry. As you can see, many of them haven't really aged over the years. How many did you guess correctly?

1. Lawrence Kalior of Transportation Insurance Brokers (TIB) 2. Cabot Smith of Royale Limousine Manufacturers 3. Edward Grech of Krystal Enterprises, Inc. 4. John Beck of Krystal Enterprises, Inc. 5. Arthur Messina of Create-A-Card, Inc. 6. Dan Mitchell of DaBryan Coach Builders, Inc. 7. Danny Aldridge of Federal Coach 8. Mario Bello of Westwood Lincoln-Mercury 9. Barbara Papp of Don Kott Lincoln-Mercury 10. Pete Corelli of Lakeview Custom Coach




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