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Posted on March 1, 2002

Only on the market for two years, Lincoln?s L-series Town Car already accounts for approximately 90 percent of Ford?s livery sedan sales. The L-series Town Car is the six-inch stretch factory-produced by Lincoln. The vehicle has consistently received a positive response from the marketplace, according to several dealers across the nation. Now with the 2003 model set to make its debut, there is anticipation in the air.

Dawson Rutter, owner of Commonwealth Limousine Service in Boston, suspects that he had some of the first L-series Town Cars to come out of the factory in April, 2000.

?Since that time, I haven?t bought a regular Lincoln,? Rutter says. ?We?re going to load up on 2002s and we?ll be a fully L-car fleet at that point.? Rutter says that offering all L-series Town Cars gives his company additional prestige.

?We?ve had some positive customer feedback,? he says. ?But our commitment to the L-car is more based on our perception of what our customers think of us being able to provide the vehicles for them all the time. The new L-car is a tremendous value for us, in terms of our prestige with our customers.?

And servicing? ?Seamless and spectacular are the only words I can give you,? Rutter says. ?Lincoln backs up the product tremendously.?

The L-series offers comfort for its passengers and extra touches that make a difference for operators. ?We really felt that the L offered our customers the best amenities for their types of travel,? says Todd Stephens, senior vice president, operations for BostonCoach in Everett, Mass. ?The Lincoln L is really designed with the customer in mind ? like the ability to plug in a laptop and cell phone and charge them during the trip, and the ability to control the climate from the rear of the vehicle.?

BostonCoach is geared primarily toward the corporate traveler and 80 percent of its business comes from sedan work. ?That?s the backbone of our business,? Stephens says. ?And the L-series is unique in that, while it was designed with the customer in mind, the driver isn?t forgotten, either.? Adjustable foot pedals and power seats ensure that every driver will feel comfortable. ?From both perspectives that we look to please ? our customers and our drivers ? the Lincoln L has been successful.?

?We made a decision to move to this vehicle as our standard car across our entire fleet,? says Chris Regan, senior vice president, global marketing, e-commerce and strategy for BostonCoach. ?By the end of this month, we will have the entire fleet transitioned to Lincoln L Series vehicles.?

Barbara Papp, commercial fleet manager in charge of the limousine/livery department at Don Kott Lincoln-Mercury in Carson, Calif., reports that she already has 26 confirmed orders for the 2003 L-series. ?The response has been unbelievable,? Papp says. ?It?s a great car, everybody wants it. There?s a lot of anticipation.?

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