Keep a Close Eye on Your Fuel Statements

LCT Staff
Posted on August 1, 2007

This is a general warning to any operator using a fleet card for fuel purchases. As all of you know, fuel is something that we all must have in large quantities to keep our fleet rolling. Recently, I have had a rather serious issue with my fleet card provider. I stopped to fill up my work truck on a Wednesday at 4:59; it held 29 gallons. Four minutes after this transaction was posted, my truck had apparently traveled 300 miles.

It seems the clerk at the station reviewed the security tape and then manually entered another 46 gallon transaction for $152.10, using my pin number that he got off the tape. The next day, he manually entered another 48 gallon transaction using a made up mileage and my pin number for $151.32. I contacted the sheriff’s department, and during the investigation the station owner offered cash to settle the case. I though this was settled, but upon receiving my next Fuelman bill, lo and behold, my truck now will hold 72 gallons and hasn't driven a single mile in a week, according to the mileage entered.

This is another $228.58. I have to say that Fuelman has been very cooperative in their dealings with me and the fraud unit is looking into it. It is best that I remind everyone to watch your fuel purchases VERY CAREFULLY. If the clerk had not been so blatant in the amounts, I could have missed the extra and dismissed it to a lot of driving that week. Here are a few ways to avoid this situation:

  • Set your security level to the provider’s maximum levels: This will freeze that particular card if the provider detects suspicious activity. They will also contact you immediately.
  • Set purchase limits: You can determine the parameters of your account by time of day, day of week, transactions per day, dollars per day, or gallons per day.
  • Keep all receipts: Each vehicle should have a chauffeur folder that the chauffeur should put all receipts, contracts, and other documentation into. All receipts should then be compared to the corresponding fuel statement.
  • Educate your chauffeurs: Alert them to the dangers of fraud and teach them to shade their pin number from prying eyes (and cameras) when fueling.

A little vigilance is all you need to ensure you don’t get caught up in this situation. Pay close attention and you can avoid any losses as well as the hassles and wasted time of having to deal with the ramifications.

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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