See You in Atlantic City

Ty Bobit
Posted on November 1, 1984

Since the September/October issue was received by our five thousand readers, the phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from limousine operators and vendors asking questions, offering loads of enthusiasm, giving us the distinct impression that our LIMOUSINE & CHAUFFEUR Show and Conference in Atlantic City is going to be a great success... for those who attend.

I’ve waited until “the eleventh hour” to write this “Publisher’s Page” in order to tell you as much about the Show and Conference as possible. We have been busy developing a solid conference that will offer a lively and informative program to limousine operators working “in the real world.” My personal thanks to the many people who have offered their help and suggestions.

Our keynote speaker will be Bill Arnold of Bill Arnold & Associates. Bill is president of his own company and is also the current president of the U.S. Speakers Bureau. His comments on “Collections: How to Get Them to Say Yes When They are Saying No,” are sure to hit those in attendance where it counts, in the pocketbook. How many times have I heard from our readers, “Limousine services are always the last to get paid.” Bill won’t be selling anyone on his collection service — he doesn’t have one — but he’ll be offering psychologically proven methods for obtaining results.

At the present time, we’re working on finalizing a top speaker who is knowledgeable on the subject of “Confronting Legislation through Associations.” Each and every day we face new government regulations which prohibit us from carrying out our goals. Let’s get things organized in the limousine industry to protect our vested interests. Let’s get more local, state, and maybe even a national association formed to ensure the fact that you’ll have a business ten years from now.

Our Managing Editor, Scott Fletcher, has set up what may prove to be the most informative discussion of all. Scott will moderate a panel of industry leaders consisting of limousine service operators Jon Cornell, David Klein, Michael Renehan, and John Rosing, and coachbuilders Matt Baines and Rahn Farris, all of whom represent a cross-section of the livery industry. The session is entitled “Opportunities and Dangers Facing the Limousine Industry.” There will be an opportunity to ask panelists questions.

Monday afternoon we will offer smaller “in-the-round” group sessions with seasoned vets offering tips and leading discussion exchanges with attendees.

Combine this informative program with ten hours in which to see twenty of the finest limousines the industry has to offer and we think there’s something here for everyone, novice and expert alike.

We look forward to seeing you at the Show and Conference where operators representing diverse areas of the country will be coming to hear and share ideas that will aid all of us in the future.

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