Thanks to All the Attendees of Our LCT Show

Ty Bobit
Posted on January 1, 1985

First things first. Many thanks to all those who attended our LIMOUSINE & CHAUFFEUR Show and Conference. In my ten years of trade show experience, I can honestly say we had a phenomenal turnout for a first-time show. It was a great success for everyone. Exhibitors, hosts, hospitality contributors and Caesar’s staff all added to the show’s popularity. The speakers performed admirably, sharing their ideas, proving that something can be learned in Atlantic City besides blackjack.

My personal thanks wouldn’t be complete if I did not include the “behind the scenes” people that really made the Show and Conference click... my “right hand” assistant, Frances Gove, able bodied and ever present; our staff of office support people who aided in typing badges (imagine typing up over six hundred name badges?), answering phone calls (about ten an hour while we were also trying to produce seven magazine issues in thirty days), keeping track of registration forms (“Ty! Why did you pull that sheet out of the stack?”), and on and on. And thanks to Scott Fletcher, LIMOUSINE & CHAUFFEUR Magazine’s managing editor, who in four short months has become a most valuable asset to the magazine and the limousine industry.

People... you are wonderful!

Since this is the beginning of the New Year it seems only appropriate that we reflect on where we’ve been and where we are going. I remember hearing something to the effect, “Would the boy you were be proud of the man you are?” Why not decide to make 1985 the year you take the steps towards becoming the man the child saw? Creating a list of New Year’s resolutions can aid in achieving this. As a believer in positive “do’s” rather than negative “dont’s,” some resolutions I suggest are:

  • Make three personal calls per week on new prospects asking them for your business.
  • Exchange ideas and talk with other local limousine operators. (Put down your battle-axes!)
  • Strive to present the best possible image by taking pride in every facet of your business.
  • Repair all the electronic equipment inyour limousines so it works properly for your customers.
  • Have your chauffeurs arrive 10 minutes early for your customer’s pick-up. (There’s nothing worse than having a couple arrive late for a show on heir anniversary because your chauffeur was caught in traffic on the way to pick them up.)
  • Actively work with other operators to confront pending local and state legislationthatis not in your business interest. Be a “doer.”

If you have made your own resolutions relating to the limousine business, send them to me. I’d like to keep a file for the future. Funny ones are welcome, too. We all need a laugh.

One more thing... please have a healthy and prosperous New Year.


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