TripTracker Exec Stays Grounded In High Tech

Tom Halligan
Posted on June 10, 2014

In 1986, the most common limousine base vehicles were Cadillac Fleetwood Broughams and Lincoln Town Cars. Cutting-edge coachbuilders equipped limousines with VCRs, cellular phones, and lockable consoles. That year also is special for James L. Moseley and son, Jim, who introduced TripTracker to the ground transportation industry.

Today, the company stays strong because it constantly integrates new technologies, such as mobile apps, GPS tracking, and dispatch and reservation networks. Most importantly, it listened and responded to operators’ suggestions to improve and extend their products.

One of the interesting stories about the founding of the company was the origin of its name. In 1982, James Moseley started James Limousine Service and purchased TRIP, a software reservation product. He ended up buying the TRIP company in 1985, and brought in Jim — who was a skilled software programmer — for the first of four rewrites of the software (for DOS in 1985, Windows in 1996, Web in 2003, and Mobile in 2010). But they needed a new name. Sitting in the back of a limousine on the way to an event, James, Jim and his brother, Ian, kicked around names to launch the new and improved product. 

“Ian came up with TripTracker and it stuck,” Jim says. “But little did we know that the first GPS products were coming out, and ever since people see the name and initially think we are only a GPS company — but we’re not. We’re a complete ground transportation management software company that uses GPS as one of our many solutions.”

The new and expanded TripTracker launched in 1986, and since then has continually evolved by offering a “complete package” that seamlessly integrates with other transportation software, networks and applications to provide one management system to operate a limo business.  

“What we provide is back-office software that includes reservations, dispatching and accounting for ground transportation companies,” Moseley explains. “Sure, we have GPS to do mobile dispatching and driver tracking, but that’s only about 5% of TripTracker’s capabilities. Our hundreds of clients run the gamut from executive transport, airport trips, bus and shuttle companies, and tennis tournaments. In fact, TripTracker is even used by TechTrans in Houston to coordinate all transportation for NASA astronauts when they are on the ground in Russia while they are preparing for another Space Shuttle mission.”

Moseley noted the company’s long-term success is due “to our breadth of product offerings and effortless integration capabilities that simplify an operator’s business. Plus, because TripTracker is Windows based, clients own the software and have complete control over their data and security. This allows clients to run what Moseley calls a “Secure Cloud” system on Amazon, RackSpace or other trusted servers.

“This gives clients the same features as Web or cloud systems, which allow the 24/7 flexibility to access TripTracker from any device, while data remains securely under your control,” Moseley says. He points out that because we live in the social media and Facebook age, “as a business owner, I wouldn’t feel comfortable trusting my customer list and other proprietary data to a third party.”

TripTracker’s custom capabilities help operators:

• Gain control over reservations, dispatching and accounting through seamless integrating to QuickBooks, ADP Payroll, FlightView and credit card processing.

• Engage clients by including driver’s current GPS map with confirmations or status updates; and providing company-branded mobile apps and web reservations through the TTClient solutions.

• Improve back-office driver communication, logistics and mobility (tracking, directions and dispatching) using any device with Remote Concierge, TTGps, or TripTracker2Go.

• Expand your customer base with direct feeds from Web Reservations, GroundSpan, Deem’s AffiliateConnect and TranspoNet networks, and TripTracker’s Remote Concierge portal for client, affiliate and billing access.

Taking a closer look at Remote Concierge, this innovative application was designed to allow an operator’s trusted clients and employees (such as drivers, affiliates, hotel and travel agents, and offsite employees) to log in and input reservations, track trips, print invoices and much more. With attention to security, all of the data sits securely on a computer ensuring the user can assign access to certain people who will only have access to selected portions of data and information.

In today’s 24/7 global — and mobile — business climate, it’s critical that operators have remote access to their systems anytime and anyplace. Ray Douglass, TripTracker’s CTO, developed the TripTracker2Go application so that operators can connect remotely to TripTracker just about anywhere via Internet access from just about any device. Further, regardless of the device you use to access TripTracker, the functionality remains the same, Moseley says. “You can be on a tablet, cellphone or laptop and you still have the same tools to use TripTracker.”

Moseley stresses that the breadth of TripTracker’s customization and capabilities “make it easy for everybody to use any or all of the product’s components and integration to other applications.” To get new clients up to speed, Trip Tracker has a team of support staff, a new online user’s manual and support system and a revamped website.



Location: Cherry Hill, N.J. | Founded: 1986 | Product: TripTracker Ground Transportation Management Software | Key Executives/Managers: James L. Moseley, President; Jim Moseley, Vice President, Development; Carole Linderman, Sales & Marketing Manager; Ray Douglass, Chief Technology Officer | Product Line: TripTracker Pro for Windows; TTClient mobile reservations and driver tracking; TTGps Driver Dispatch app; TranspoNet; GroundSpan; AffiliateConnect; SummitQwest integration; TripTrackerToGo access from anywhere | Key client sampler: ETS International, Randolph, Mass.; USA Transportation, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Rose Chauffeured Transportation, Charlotte, N.C. | Website: | Information: [email protected]; (888) 333-5439; (856) 424-3854

Trip Tracker Customers

For three decades, TripTracker has built up a deep client base of limousine companies of all fleet sizes. Here is what a few of them told LCT when asked how they apply the technology to their operations:

“We’ve been using TripTracker for about five years from when we first started the company with five cars. It has helped us grow our business to 70 cars today, going from 50 trips a day to 300. It has helped us grow year after year as we integrated other applications into TripTracker, such as QuickBooks and ADP payroll. The other thing about the company is they work with you. We had an idea about adding a reporting program and they wrote the program for us. That’s a good partner.” Johnny Greene, owner and founder, ETS International, Randolph, Mass, 2014 and 2010 LCT Operator of the Year.

“We’ve used TripTracker for about 25 years and we’ve stayed with it because every time we want to change something they can do it. We also work in the cloud, but because we own it we are in control and can access it remotely anytime on a computer, tablet or iPhone. I like it because I am in control of my data and I don’t have to worry about having to rely on somebody else’s website to get my data, and if they go out of business, I don’t have any data. It also has a seamless interface which easily allows us to integrate other applications into it such as QuickBooks and iVerify.” — Michael Solomon, president, USA Transportation, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 2005 LCT Operator of the Year.

“We’ve been a TripTracker customer for about three years after we went through about 10 vendors who couldn’t handle our growth and complexity. One of the main things we like is the company’s tremendous technical support. The product works for us day in and day out handling customer reports, booking reservations, confirmations, and more. TripTracker also has helped us improve reservation accuracy rates and allows us to access data fast to handle new reservations quickly. — Andy Beran, owner, QTS, Phoenix, Ariz.

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  • John Fandl

     | about 4 years ago

    "... four rewrites of the software (for DOS in 1985, Windows in 1996, Web in 2003, and Mobile in 2010". This is a very impressive example of sustainable software development across the major customer-relevant technology waves. Congrats to the Moseleys on their relentless customer focus and practical innovation across the decades.

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