LCT Reaches Out to Our Neighbors to the North

LCT Staff
Posted on November 1, 2001

At one point in my journalism career, I was the senior editor of a monthly magazine that covered hockey. Besides fueling my great love of the sport, working on that particular magazine allowed me to learn more about the ?Great White North,? more commonly referred to as Canada. It?s the second largest nation in the world (next to Russia), but only has a population of just over 31 million. In this issue, LCT has taken the initial steps at launching LCT Canada; a magazine devoted solely to the Canadian luxury transportation industry.

As Americans, when it comes to running our own business it is sometimes hard for us to see past our own borders. Even now, with the events of September 11, we are focusing more on our own business and are concerned with keeping America going. Travel has been on a steady increase and the economy is slowly but surely getting back to a stable level. This is good news for the industries in both American and Canada.

According to Statistics Canada, the country?s central statistical agency, there were an estimated 28,500 limousine and taxi operators in the country in 1999. This number has since grown due to more and more film and television companies that are using Canada as the backdrop for their productions. Also, world-class ski resorts and one of the world?s most open borders make many cities in Canada a favorite destination site for American travelers.

In addition to the number of operators, Canada has shown a commitment to ensuring safety of vehicles in this industry. Transport Canada, the country?s governing body for transportation, allows only limousines that are stretched to the manufacturer?s specifications (i.e., QVM and CMC). Ford?s newly-certified Excursion will no doubt be a big hit for the Canadian market.

While the Canadian luxury transportation industry is not quite as large as the one here in the United States, it is busy and continues to be successful. Just as American operators have enjoyed and benefited from reading LCT?s coverage of operators in the United States in the past, so too will Canadian operators benefit from reading LCT Canada.

As the French explorer Samuel de Champlain who first ventured up the St. Lawrence River into what is now Quebec, so goes LCT. However, a lot has changed since the time of the explorers ? NAFTA, the 2002 and 2003 Lincoln body styles and the fact that Lord Stanley?s Cup resides with a team within the United States (granted the team was once in Canada). Enjoy this preview of LCT Canada, and look for the first full issue in March of 2002.

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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